Entry for LD41 (Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres)
Genres: Horror and Cooking

It’s another day of eternal damnation… And the beasts of the pit are hungry! As a mere kitchen imp, it’s your job to keep the demons and devils satisfied.

Cook up their horrible requests and serve them ASAP. Don’t burn the food!!

Tip: Brains and Feet need preparing at the chopping board (They require multiple chops to transform into the chopped variant) Hearts can go in whole.

Controls (X-Box controller preferred):

  • Move: Left Stick
  • Pick-up / Interact: A
  • Drop Held Item: B

Cooking process:

  1. Grab the ingredients from the item sources.
  2. Chop up, if required, at the chopping board.
  3. Add to a pot, on a stove, to cook
  4. Transfer from pot to plate and serve!

Update Log:

v2: Fixes a bug where meals would not disappear when they timed out.

v3: Fixes a bug where new meals would not spawn.


LD-41-v3.zip 13 MB

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